The location of plastic, cast iron and aluminum buried facilities is not impossible, but does present considerable difficulties. At a depth of greater than twelve feet, location also becomes more challenging. The ground composition and soil density of the area surrounding the target location is also a factor in determining the strength of a locating signal.

Yes, Tracker Locating is in operation for twelve months of the year.

We offer rapid response utility locating and are able to respond within minutes to your request for a locate. The speed of our service on site is dependent on the size and scope of the individual project.

We accept cash, cheque, Visa or Mastercard. It’s simple to set up your account with us and we are pleased to offer payment terms for our clients.

Private locates are those that are not covered by the Alberta One-Call Corporation or similar organizations in other areas. Private locates include private facilities constructed on private land or within rights-of-way located on public land. Alberta One-Call will only locate facilities owned by One-Call participants and will only mark these locations as far as the telecommunications connection box, water valve or to the power or natural gas meter. All other connections and facilities are the responsibility of the land or home/business owner and require a private locate.

Tracker Utility employs a range of professional equipment in our operations, including the very latest electromagnetic and radio pipe and cable detectors designed to locate underground utilities and buried facilities.

We are able to locate metal pipe and cables, rebar in slab and metal valves. Please note that Tracker Locating cannot locate non-metallic pipes.

Yes, we are are to to travel outside of Calgary and Southern Alberta, subject to appropriate travel costs.

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